Aleksandrs Stepakins
Podcaster, content creator from Latvia,
19 years old
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Hi, my name is Alexander, but my friends call me Surok. I'm the author of two podcasts, have my own blog on Telegram and also a YouTube channel.
My articles for Voice Media LV
Words can kill. How I was ill with anorexia
(russian and latvian)

How not to drown in limitless flows of information (russian)

Project 2069 (text and audio in russian)

Relationship with time, how to control it and find sense in it

There are no marks in life (russian)

When will we get rid of the body or what is transhumanism? (russian)

Why Facebook was renamed and what is a ''metaverse'' (russian)

My podcasts
Podcast «Будни Сурка» (frozen from the end of 2022, russian)

I believe that if you don't create meaning during the day, if you don't think about something, you're going to live Groundhog Day from day to day. But here it's a little bit different.
In my podcast, I talk about what's going on in my teenage life - how I live my life, what I've learned from everyday situations, books, movies, shows, how I see the world, and how I'm evolving. This helps me not to stand still and slowly but surely move towards my goal.

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Podcast «Voice Media LV» (frozen from end of 2021, russian)

Voice podcast is audio versions of online magazine articles + conversations called "Groundhog in the Woods" - with Riga people about Riga life and beyond.

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People talking/writing about me
Latvian Radio 4 - Я общение не люблю, сам сижу и говорю | Поколение Z

Telegram channel Техника речи — Teens creating cool podcasts

Podcast Критмышь — ''The future of russian podcasts is in safe hands''

Snippet link

Link for the whole podcast (snippet from 41:40)
My Telegram channel
Нора Сурка

Surok gathers the best of the digital space and your life to make you more aware of yourself and the world around you!)

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